About Our School

Letter From Our Executive Director

Welcome to Wisconsin Virtual Academy (WIVA)!

We are a tuition-free virtual public charter school, and at WIVA, we work to provide the tailored support your child needs to thrive. We provide enriching and personalized learning experiences for our students. We aim to inspire them while building on their strengths and helping them reach their fullest potential.

Our mission is to provide an equitable opportunity for every student in our state by promising to support students in personalized learning, no matter where they are, who they are, or what they need.

At our schools, dedicated teachers keep students motivated, excited, and moving toward their goals. Our staff empowers students to think critically, succeed academically, and prepare for college, career, and life. Our students participate in live Class Connect sessions, where they complete projects, work collaboratively, and get support where they need it most. Our K12 curriculum provides both a comprehensive grade-level curriculum and supplementary materials to ensure that students have what they need to succeed in our virtual setting. Our state-licensed teachers and school administrators, coupled with incredible counselors and support staff, focus on the educational success of your student through every student’s Personalized Learning Plan.

As the executive director and a Wisconsin native, I know we find strength in our communities. And because our program is statewide, our school community includes every corner of Wisconsin. We plan year-round activities and events that bring together families and staff across our great state. While courses focus on academic success, we also provide time for socialization through our statewide fall picnics, a variety of student interest clubs, and school-based activities and events! Through virtual and face-to-face experiences, our families and students form strong connections with our staff and each other.


Dr. Sara R. Cutler

Dr. Sara R. Cutler

Executive Director

“If you’re going to live, leave a legacy. Make a mark on the world that can’t be erased.” – Maya Angelou