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Once enrolled in a K12-powered program, you are part of a nationwide community of Learning Coaches, teachers, staff, and students. Throughout the year, you can connect with this community by accessing national programming, engagement opportunities, and support—all aimed at helping students reach their goals.

We encourage you to ask lots of questions and take advantage of the ongoing support available through your school, K12, and the community of families with students at K12-powered schools. Remember, you’re not alone.

Embarking on a new educational path can be exciting, but also a little stressful. New families and students often have many questions about how to prepare for school at DCA. We want you to know we’re here to guide your student and family through this transition. On this page you’ll find answers to many of the questions you may have — as well as important onboarding instructions every new family must complete.

We are excited to support you and your family this school year! Please reach out to your homeroom teacher if you need any further assistance in setting up your student for a successful year.

STEP 1: Creating Your Login

Watch for an e-mail (typically goes to the Learning Coach) from K12 with a registration key. This will be sent to the email address that was provided during enrollment.

This 8 digit number/letter combination is your key to our school platform.

As the student, you will see your courses, schedule, etc. You will learn more about navigating these screens during Orientation. (See below)

As the learning coach, you will see your students’ course(s). You can see live updates on your students’ progress and grades.

STEP 2: Supplies and Materials

Provided Technology & Resources

Most of your materials will be mailed to you and should arrive in after August 15 or within two weeks of finalizing enrollment (depending on when you enroll). Please note that the computer will need to be signed for upon delivery.

These materials include, but are not limited to:

  • Laptop with instructions for set-up
  • Printer
  • Books and lab materials

Time Zone

Setting your time zone correctly is extremely important.

On Your computer:

  1. Check your time and date on the bottom right side of your screen
  2. In the bottom left search bar type “change the time zone”
  3. Make sure your time zone is set to Central Standard Time

School Supply List

There are only a few supplies you may need to provide as DCA supplies most of what the students will need each semester/year.

You will need:

  • Writing utensils (pencils and/or pens)
  • Coloring utensils such as crayons, colored pencils, or markers
  • Notebooks or notebook paper

Other recommendations (optional):

  • Extra ink and paper for printer (using printer is optional so we will not replenish ink and paper)
  • Highlighter (secondary students)
  • Notecards (secondary students)

Most materials needed for assignments, experiments, etc. are provided; however, common household items needed such as ziplock bags, salt, 2-liter bottles, etc., families may be asked to provide. Material lists for each assignment will be sent ahead of time, so please pay attention to email to ensure you have what is needed. If you find that you are unable to provide items your student needs, please let the classroom teacher know.

STEP 3: Attend Week of Welcome

Synchronous Week of Welcome

Watch for an e-mail from an Engagement Mentor that outlines your Orientation Schedule, or what we call the Week of Welcome (WOW), and the link to join. This is your opportunity to learn more about DCA, how to successfully navigate our systems, who to connect with if you need assistance, etc. WOW is required. You will have five days to complete.

Here is an overview of WOW:

Day 1
STAR Testing

Day 2
8:30am – Introduction to Online Learning

Day 3
8:30am – Introduction to the Orientation Course

Day 4
8:30am – Introduction to DCA’s Personalized Learning Plan (PLP)

Day 5
8:30am – Working in the Orientation Course and/or Updating the PLP

3a: Attend all Live Sessions

Week of Welcome (WOW meets each morning (Monday through Friday). WOW is required for all five days. Each session is a live Class Connect in which students will learn how to navigate the Online Learning System and complete the other components of the Week of Welcome.

*NOTE: Students will have five days to complete the onboarding process.

3b: Select Courses

You will meet with one of DCA’s counselors to determine your pathway and the courses you will take this year. You will also discuss the credits you bring with you. Time will be built into WOW to complete this important step, therefore attendance is important.

3c: Complete STAR Testing

STAR360 is a baseline assessment online for Reading and Math which they need to complete during Week of Welcome. This assessment is taken multiple times throughout the school year to monitor student growth.

All students must take the test with no help given by the Learning Coach or others. It is important for the teachers to see what the student knows and doesn’t know so they can best support them.

STAR Resources:

Username: student ID

Password: your first name followed by last three digits of student ID (all lowercase ex. john123)

3d: Complete the Orientation Course

Students will engage in our Orientation Course which includes online modules to practice using the OLS.

Completion of the Orientation Course will take place on student’s individual time outside of Week of Welcome time.

STEP 4: Review the Student/Learning Coach Handbook

It is important that you understand all that DCA has to offer, as well as the policies that we follow as a school to ensure equitable opportunities for all students, meet state requirements, etc.

STEP 5: Set up the Student’s Workspace

It is important to set up the student’s workspace so it is conducive to learning and connecting with their classrooms and teachers. Here are a few considerations:

  • Find a place with good internet connectivity
  • Find a place with limited distractions
  • Be sure there is enough space for your computer and a notebook/textbook
  • Consider printing and posting your weekly schedule where you can easily see it
  • Make it your own! If it won’t be a distraction, add pictures, items, etc., that will make the space feel inviting.

Check out these short videos for tips on starting your school year off strong:

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