Testing and Assessment FAQs

What tests will my child be required to take?

All Wisconsin Virtual Academy (WIVA) students are required to take the following tests:

  • Course lesson, unit, and semester assessments
  • Wisconsin Department of Education achievement tests
  • Criterion-referenced tests
  • WIVA teacher assessments

Will my child have to participate in state testing?

What is the state testing schedule?

To keep you informed of the testing schedule:

  • We’ll send you an email explaining which assessments your child will participate in and outlining testing expectations for all grades. This information is also located on the resources tab – Testing Information (PDF).
  • You’ll be receiving grade-specific assessment information, including locations, dates, and times. At this point, you’ll be asked to confirm your testing date and time. Our testing database chooses the closest location to your home; however, you can choose any of the listed testing sites for your child. Watch email communication closely.