How It Works

Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment at Wisconsin Virtual Academy (WIVA) gives you the advantage of preparing for college while working toward your high school diploma. Students can earn tuition-free college credit hours through one of two programs: Start College Now (SCN) and Early College Credit Program (ECCP).

Through SCN and ECCP, qualifying students can take one or more courses at a university or technical college for high school credit, college credit, or both—tuition free! Students must display a level of maturity and responsibility necessary for success in a collegiate course.

  • Courses requested cannot be comparable to another course offered by WIVA.
  • Students cannot participate in SCN and ECCP at the same time.
  • If a student fails or drops a college course through SCN or ECCP, they’ll be responsible for all costs associated with the course.
  • College courses are taken by high school students become part of the permanent college record and may affect subsequent admission to postsecondary institutions. Please be aware that a poor grade earned in a SCN or ECCP course could have a negative impact in the future.

If you and your parent/legal guardian agree to all of the above, please do the following:

Start College Now—Wisconsin Technical College

Early College Credit Program—Wisconsin University

Return course descriptions and program application (signed by you parent/legal guardian) to Mrs. Wallace absolutely no later than March 1 (for summer/fall) or October 1 (for spring).

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