Technical FAQs

Do I need to have access to a computer to attend?

Yes. Students attending WIVA require access to a computer, printer, and related technology. Families/students who do not have such technology may contact WIVA for one loaned computer system (including laptop computer and printer) to support the learning process.

What computer skills are required?

Do I need high speed internet access to attend?

No. Although high-speed internet access definitely makes the experience of learning online much more satisfying, it is not absolutely necessary. Some geographic areas unfortunately do not have high-speed access available. However, for those areas that do, it is the preferred type of access for the program. Students who do not have internet access may contact WIVA to request (upon completion of required necessary forms, updated Point of Contact information, etc.) a wireless internet card and/or other means of internet access.

How do I get technical support?

What are the minimum computer hardware and software requirements?