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We have a variety tools and resources to help you in your Learning Coach role. Here you'll find tips on getting started, orientation details, important dates during the school year, the student/parent handbook, and other helpful references to return to throughout the school year.

2021-2022 WIVA Student/Parent Handbook

The WIVA Student/Parent handbook is your source for information about programs and services available to you as a Wisconsin public school family. You'll also find information about policies relating to WIVA, your school district, and the McFarland School District. Please bookmark this page, or download and print the document so you'll have it handy should you need to consult it.

Live link to 2021-22SY WIVA K-8 Student/Parent Handbook

Live link to 2021-22SY WIVA HS Student/Parent Handbook

Calendars and Other References

Parent Advisory Council

WIVA offers families the expertise of a parent advisory council, WIK12 Advocates, which serves as a voice to share your experience as a learning coach with our administrative team. With a primary focus on academics, communication and community, WIK12 Advocates' members meet regularly with the schools administration team.

Learn more about our WIK12 Advocates [PDF].

College Scholarships

WIVA offers a variety of scholarships to provide financial aid to deserving students who wish to go on to college after high school. Scholarships come from a variety of groups and organizations, for various criteria. Check back often, as it will be updated with some frequency.

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