Elementary School

Wisconsin Virtual Academy's K–5 Program

Wisconsin Virtual Academy (WIVA) uses online curriculum and services provided by K12. With K12, learning can happen at home, on the road, or wherever an Internet connection can be found. While attendance, teacher interaction, and daily lessons are conducted online, K12 lessons use physical materials and offline tools as well.

Instructional Model

K–5 grade-level course work is mastery-based. This means that lessons that are followed by assessments, ensuring the student has mastered a particular area before moving on. The online assessments are integrated with the planning and progress tools, making it easy to find the right pace by subject and to stay on track. Teachers offer many support sessions to assist all of their students.

The Role of the Parent/Learning Coach

As your student's Learning Coach, you will work with your teacher on scheduling, pacing, and monitoring your child's online school progress. However, we partner with you to ensure a successful learning experience for your child. As the school year starts, your teacher will be right by your side, guiding you and your student.

Certified Teachers, Superior Teaching Tools

At WIVA, all students interact with one or more Wisconsin-licensed teachers (depending on grade level) and communicate regularly with their teachers through e-mail, telephone, online synchronized opportunities, and direct instruction. Each WIVA family receives all instructional materials, including a wide array of textbooks, CDs, videos, and other hands-on tools and resources. These materials complement the interactive online elements of the program, ensuring that students receive instruction using the best method for each subject.