We are accepting applications for students in grades K–5.
Applications for Middle and High School will be considered for second semester enrollment with a January 21 start date.

Contact Your School Counselor

You can contact your school counselor by email and/or phone. Please allow up to 24 hours on school days for responses.

Amanda Wallace (WIVA A–Ja)

IM: amwallace

Email: amwallace@wivcs.org

Tanya Steger (WIVA Jb­­­–Ma/Destinations Career Academy)

IM: tsteger

Email: tsteger@wivcs.org

Sarah Campbell (WIVA Mb–Z)

IM: scampbell88

Email: scampbell@wivcs.org

Karen Sommerfeldt (ISWI)

IM: ksommerfeldt

Email: ksommerfeldt@wivcs.org

WIVA: 608.838.9482
Mrs. Wallace: ext. 7725
Mrs. Campbell: ext. 7728
Mrs. Sommerfeldt: ext. 3140
Mrs. Steger: 608.535.9450 (call or text)