Family Academic Support Team

FAST (Family Academic Support Team)

The Family Academic Support Team supports student success at Wisconsin Virtual Academy.  Our team offers support to the student, including working with the family as a unit, by removing barriers to the child’s academic success.  We work in partnership with your teachers to support their efforts and your engagement in learning. Please take a moment to get to know your team.  

Our mission: The Family Academic Support Team (FAST) is committed to partnering with Wisconsin Virtual Academy (WIVA) and Destinations Career Academy of Wisconsin (DCA) families and staff to help each student achieve success through advocacy, engagement, and empowerment to become independent, lifelong learners.

Justine Johnson, Co-Lead and FEC, FAST

Justine Johnson is the FAST Engage lead/FEC.  She came to WIVA at the beginning of the 2007 school year, bringing with her previous experience and expertise in leadership, not-for-profit business administration, customer support, sales and marketing, and executive administrative support. Her first endeavor was to assist in opening the high school, which launched in the 2007–2008 school year. In the years she has served at WIVA, she's been in the capacities of admin support, community development manager, state testing logistics, student/learning coach support, high school advisor and, now, communications and engagement liaison.  In her new role, she is excited to bring her knowledge of curriculum and systems and her focus on creating a community for Learning Coaches and their students at WIVA. She is committed to the FAST mission that "The Family Academic Support Team (FAST) is committed to partnering with Wisconsin Virtual Academy (WIVA) and Destinations Career Academy of Wisconsin (DCA) families and staff to help each student achieve success through advocacy, engagement, and empowerment to become independent, lifelong learners” and is dedicated to supporting Learning Coaches as they encourage learning and create accountability for their children.

Michelle Polyakov, Co-Lead and FEA, FAST

Michelle Polyakov is the FAST Response lead/FEA and is a graduate from Drake University with a degree in Secondary Education and English. She moved to Delevan, WI from the North suburbs of Chicago to be closer to her family. She has worked in alternative education since her sophomore year in college and also did some long-term subbing in the beginning of summer. She is very excited to be a part of the WIVA team and to start helping students succeed.

Stephanie Kreuser, Family Compliancy Liaison (FCL), FAST

Stephanie Kreuser has a bachelor's degree in elementary education from Edgewood College. Prior to working at WIVA, she was a learning and development coach at several Madison public and parochial schools, including Blessed Sacrament, Edgewood Campus School, Chavez Elementary, Blackhawk Middle School, and LaFollette High School. Stephanie has more than five years of experience providing administrative, teaching, and student support to K–12 grade levels. She feels it is extremely rewarding to help students reach their education goals. Stephanie enjoys being a resource for students every step of the way, helping students ascertain and fulfill their goal. Education has always been her passion and she is thrilled to be a part of WIVA.

Kerry Marren, Family Resource Coordinator (FRC), FAST

Kerry Marren has been working with at-risk middle school and high school students in Illinois, Washington State and Wisconsin for over 8 years.   Kerry received her degree in Communication Journalism from DePere University in Chicago.  She left the corporate world to pursue her passion for helping students achieve success both socially and academically through positive educational experiences.  Kerry is excited to join the Wisconsin Virtual Academy team as the Family Resource Coordinator where she will continue to pursue her goal to help every student have the resources they need to succeed.

Advisors & Family Academic Support Liaisons (FASL)

Laura Dollar, K–8 Strong Start Onboarding Specialist

Laura Dollar is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she earned bachelor's degrees in family resources and consumer science and education with a pre-K through 12th grade teaching certification. She has more than 20 years of experience in home-based education and five years teaching experience in a public brick-and-mortar high school.  Laura is passionate about education and is enthusiastic about assisting families who choose WIVA to educate their students.

Jodell Gagnow, Grades 6–8 Family Academic Support Liaison (FASL)

Jodell Gagnow is pleased to be part of the team at WIVA! She has experience working in the brick-and-mortar setting, and is excited to be now working in an online school. Ms. Gagnow has an MSW, BSW, and a technical degree in dental assisting. In addition to her educational experience she also worked eight years as a dental technician. Currently she is on the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Wisconsin Board of Directors (she holds Northeast Branch Chair) and serves on the Executive Committee within the Board. Ms. Gagnow volunteers teaching fourth grade Faith Formation at her church. In her free time she enjoys spending time with family, going to the cottage, attending off-road races, traveling and teaching her puppy, Sonya, tricks.

Danelle Kraszewski, Grades K–5 Family Academic Support Liaison (FASL)

Danelle Kraszewski most recently has been invested in graduate school and fulfilling her dream of parenting.  She is excited to support students at WIVA as the K–5 Family Academic Support Liaison.  Danelle has worked with a variety of ages and stages and continues to see the amazing things that can happen in peoples’ lives through relationships and the learning process. She is very excited to be at WIVA and is committed to supporting and encouraging this learning process. 

Kristin Brazier, High School Family Academic Support Liaison (FASL)

Kristin Brazier earned her BA in Early Childhood and Elementary Education at Marian University.  She has taught for 18 years in both private and public school settings and is excited to begin this new opportunity with WIVA and the virtual school environment.  Kristin enjoys working with students of all ages, building positive relationships with them, and helping them to be successful with their schooling.  In her free time, she enjoys being with her family—husband and two children.  In the warm weather their family loves to be outdoors—camping, playing sports, gardening and playing with their foxhound, Tipsy!

Jackie Morrow, High School Family Academic Support Liaison (FASL)

Jackie Morrow is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. She has degrees in German and Anthropology. While at UWO Jackie interacted with other students in multiple roles, such as Community Advisor, group exercise instructor, and undergraduate researcher, and she developed a desire to help students get the most out of their education. Now with WIVA Jackie is excited to build positive relationships with students and families, as well as exploring a virtual learning environment.

Michelle Patterson, High School 9th Grade Advisor

Michelle Patterson served many roles in the virtual education field before joining WIVA, including special education secretary, student services, attendance, and student advising. When she started in virtual education seven years ago, she knew that this is where she wanted to use her skills and passion to serve students and their families. Michelle is an advocate for student success and is excited to help out in whatever capacity she can. She looks forward to serving the students and their families at WIVA and is excited to be a part of this team.

Bill Brazier, High School 10th Grade Advisor

Bill Brazier is a graduate of Marian University where he received both his teaching certification and BS in Business Administration.  He is also working toward completion of his Masters in General Education at Marian University. At WIVA, he taught math to students in grades 6-8. Before WIVA, Bill taught 3rd—4th grade split class and summer school math classes for grades 2–7.  He has taken many on-line courses and is looking forward to teaching in the virtual world at WIVA. Bill has a passion for helping students succeed and finding alternative ways of helping them understand the content.  He is excited to start this new chapter of his teaching career.

Toni Flood, High School 11th Grade Advisor

Toni Flood comes from a teaching family with a sister and brother who are or were teachers.  She was a home schooling parent and "learning coach" having educated her three sons for all of their schooling and three nephews through high school (she taught World History so many times she was able to CLEP out of Western Civ when she returned to college).  Toni and her family were a part of the very first Wisconsin virtual charter school, Connections Academy, and were a part of the very first year of WIVA.  When she was finished with the responsibilities of their education, Toni returned to being a student herself and finished her undergrad degree at the college her grandmother had graduated from 75 years earlier - and, yes, her grandmother was there for her graduation ceremony!

Beth Seybold, High School 12th Grade Advisor

Beth has been a Learning Coach with WIVA for the past thirteen years and a part of the high school advisor team for the past three years. She has a bachelor's degree in social work from UW-Milwaukee and previously worked as an educational sign language interpreter in the high school setting. Her passion is seeing families succeed in the virtual setting.